Scour by  Kookaburra is a natural, plant-based cleaner for processing raw wool (or any natural fiber). Containing only earth-friendly ingredients, Scour aims to reduce the time spent washing, cleaning, and drying your fleece, helping you move more quickly to spinning a soft, clean fiber.

Tools (Carders, Gauges, Threading Hooks)


Visit the Far North Fibers studio to shop a variety of handmade and commercial Navajo, supported, and drop spindles, including some made by John Ziv of Working Wood Productions.

​​Owner Artist: Pamela Grefsrud  |  3960 Doroshin Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99516  |  (907) 279-0332  |

Wool Washes

Wash (formerly WoolWash) Kookaburra uses tea tree oil and lanolin clean, deodorize, and soften fabrics of any fiber type. Ideally suited for delicate fibers, Wash does not require a rinse, and can be used in traditional or high efficiency washing machines.

Swifts, Winders, and Lazy Kates

Bobbins and Whorls

Spinning Tools and Supplies

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