​​​​​​Far North Fibers

​​Owner Artist: Pamela Grefsrud  |  3960 Doroshin Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99516  |  (907) 279-0332  |  farnorthfibers@alaskan.com

Not sure what you want or need? Preview the inventory in the gallery, then come to the studio for one-on-one help!

Borgs Tuna, 2-ply Yarn
Borgs Mora, 2-ply Fine Yarn
Borgs Faro, Single Ply
Borgs Matt, Rug Yarn
Harrisville Designs Shetland Style, Woolen Spun
Harrisville Designs Highland, Woolen Spun
JaggerSpun Zephyr Line, 18/2 Wool/Silk
JaggerSpun Maine Line, 8/2, 20/2
JaggerSpun SuperFine Merino, 18/2
JaggerSpun, Heather Line, 8/2


Heirloom-quality textiles demand the best yarns available, so Pamela stocks only the finest.

Pamela carries a regular inventory of yarns with the following brands:

Bockens, 16/2, 16/1, and Finer
Bockens, Tow Linen, 6/2 and 8/2


Bockens, 22/2

Bockens, 8/2, 16/2
Bockens, Rug Warp, 12/6, 12/9
Supreme Corp, Pearle, 3/2, 5/2, 10/2, 20/2

Supreme Corp